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Radiant Health Retreat

Celebrate summer with the Mexican Spirit of Fiesta, whilst deeply nourishing your body, mind and spirit in a sacred Cacoa Ceremony, sound healing, yoga and meditation.  Leave empowered by a body of knowledge for your health, immune system and longevity.


Let's not just survive the pandemic but thrive through it! 

4 full days July 11th-14th and arrival on July 10th, check out July 15th


The $1,650.00 price is ALL-Inclusive!


  • Transportation pick up to and from Guadalajara Airport

  • COVID-19 test

  • Organic fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Beautiful room accommodation for 5 nights (arriving the 10th- departing the 15th) live music every evening with outdoor social dinner and an opportunity to network.

  • Silent quiet down time every afternoon by the pool with massages available, medicine journeys available

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  • Sound healing

  • Daily yoga

  • Daily meditation

  • Four hours daily of deep dives into:

  1. Physical body health, immune system building, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health

  2. Cognitive testing

  3. Energy/qui testing

  4. On-line natural pharmacy access

  5. Top level cutting edge naturopathic learning.

  6. Access to on-going support.


4 days, 3 nights - price depending on room type

1550 group casita room w 4 twin beds

1650 roommate room has two twin beds, private bathroom

1750 private room, if a couple sharing a room, can be a discount

1850 honeymoon suite


Not including overnight stay, price is 950USD

The objective of this program is to create experiential wisdom and inspiration while exploring information from a scientific perspective related to natural wellness topics.


The outcome for each participant is the embodied experience of natural wellness topics, a new understanding of the importance of natural wellness perspectives, new information on the modern relevance of natural wellness ideas and how to implement them in personal life and in professional practice, and to become inspired to continue to push the cusp of what we know in the medical community related to natural health concepts.


This is not only a wonderful personal experience and excellent cutting-edge information gained, but also is good for the global community at large as we continue as a species to reconsider modern medical perspectives and knowledge.
This flow is designed to alternate the personal experiential component with the seminar-style information download in a daily themed matter, to help the data feel more alive and relevant.


DAY 1 - Body

  • Morning Lecture: Vitamins, Minerals, dis-ease 

  • Practice: Yoga 

  • Lunch 

  • Afternoon Lecture: Herbalism 

  • Resort Time – 2 hr break 

  • Evening Lecture: Immune System 

  • Dinner

DAY 2 - Mind

  • Morning Lecture: Mental Health on physical body, cognitive health therapy (book) 

  • Practice: Meditation 

  • Lunch Afternoon Lecture: Relevance of Meditation (physiological and mental health) 

  • Resort Time 

  • Evening Lecture: Perspective (projection) and how it effects health/happiness (Create open-mindedness) Toltec wisdom, segue to “out-there” topics, intuition and psychic skills 

  • Dinner

  • 2

DAY 3 - Emotion

  • Morning Lecture: emotions and physiology. Hormones and predispositions, endocrine Practice: Cacao Ceremony 

  • Lunch Afternoon Lecture: Societal implications of emotional health 

  • Resort Time Evening Lecture: Exploration of Outreach and personal practices (emotional hygiene) 

  • Dinner

DAY 4 - Spirit

  • Morning Lecture: Relevance of Spirituality in health 

  • Practice: Sound Healing 

  • Lunch 

  • Afternoon Lecture: Topics on spiritual perspectives and non-duality, judgement and fear, comparative religion, energetic boundaries 

  • Resort Time 

  • Evening Lecture: Easy spiritual practices which directly effect physical and mental health 

  • Dinner

DAY 5 - Integration

  • Morning Lecture: Natural Health as an integrative approach 

  • Practice: 

  • Lunch 

  • Afternoon Lecture: How to distinguish different categories and if we should 

  • Resort Time 

  • Evening Lecture: Collective Workshop on how to approach health more holistically in personal life and professional practice 

  • Dinner

The day prior and the day after can be available for travel, orientation, settling in, packing up, and checking out. Single-week programs which allow for the weekends as travel days seem to be effective for program structure, as it only cuts in to one week of work.

Each night can be offered a mixer. We can have live music, a bar, and I love an intentional social, so we can pose a “question” or “theme”, which helps people relax and release awkwardness and also eases communication while keeping it focused, to ensure participants stay immersed in the material offered.

Resort Time is free for us to offer services, workshops, lectures, and enjoy the “information vacation” vibe! We have a lot to offer at this facility to make this so more than a seminar. 


I know there is no longer a day 5, and day 4 is checkout day now, so will also be different, whatever you put up is good by me.


Dr. Jacqueline S. Chan, D.O. has a thriving practice as a holistic doctor at Marin Natural Medicine Clinic, Larkspur, CA where she weaves in her cutting edge scientific medical training with her intuitive skills to deftly guide her patients from a state of dis-ease to well-being with a customized approach.


As a board certified integrative medical physician, she believes that compassion, presence and grace are crucial healing forces along with intelligently applied clinical knowledge in the areas of nutra-genomics, energy medicine practices, environmental chemical detox, bio-identical hormone balancing and treatment of stealth infections.

As a part-time faculty member and researcher in the field of Intuition Medicine, Dr. Chan’s goal is to connect the patient to their truth, their wisdom and their own innate healing force within their body. Dr. Chan’s recent book reached #1 new release and is available on amazon, “Regenerate Your Brain: A breakthrough plan to regain your brilliance” exemplifies a compete model for repair and renewal of the central nervous system.

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