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Experience your Inner Teacher with Ease, Grace, and Fun!


Eternal Loving Innocence Project


ABOUT The Project

Reinvent with us the process of healing and awakened living! Love is not suffering, growth does not have to be painful, and peace can be fun and easy!

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Maestra Anita

Maestra Anita has served many traditions and has sat on Councils of Elders around the world. Her Oneness with Divine Ayahuasca motivated many years of leading intensely transformational Sacred Ceremonies worldwide. A lifetime dedicated to changing lives accelerated her exceptional skill in channelling, Shamanism, psychic insight, and accessing the multidimensional self. As a trainer of shamans, she is uniquely capable of bringing up your own
inner healer.

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Cat Rambo

This unique Medicine Woman combines ancient wisdom with modern science to inspire personal discovery and transformation.
She teaches healing mind, body, emotion, and spirit through introspective practices, transcendence disciplines, herbalism, lifestyle and habit engineering, mindset training, perspective evolution, and personal and professional development. Her favorite disciplines include traditional Sacred Medicine practices as well as modern empowerment methods such as NLP, regression hypnosis, and subconscious and superconscious reprogramming techniques.

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More than a sum of parts

Together Anita and Cat form an incredible team
whose work spans a decade of expansive evolution. 

Keep an eye out for some of the other life changing endeavors these two are creating!

Choosing Divine Love and focusing on Joy 
has produced many beautiful combined works.
Each of their creations is a direct outcome of 
their dedication to living in Oneness:

Online Classes

Live Workshops

Transformation Events
Next-Evolution Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

Global Healing Centers


Awaken your way

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with Maestra

Private One-on-One

From Channeled Readings to relationship advice, an hour with her can change your life!


and Events

At Home or Abroad

Personal Transformation
Group Programs
Public Speaking

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with Cat

Private One-on-One

Learn practices and tools across a variety of disciplines! Change your mind and life, fast!

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