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About ELI Project

Suffering is not necessary.

Peace is possible.

We heal others simply by healing ourselves.

We have seen over many years that it is totally possible to cultivate profound connection with Spirit and live naturally from our Highest Selves, even in this modern world. The incredible impact of stepping into this way of being cannot be measured nor even hardly imagined prior to transition into this practice of awakened living. The outcome of real liberation is so astounding, it has inspired the creation of this project with the intention to arise Highest Self Nature from as many as possible. This is how we change the world.



The Eli Project brings all of the study and discipline and knowledge of the spiritual journey into a direct personal experience so powerful, it illuminates your inner wisdom in such a way  that deep connection with Spirit becomes a natural way of living.


This unique alchemy is a combination of mind and spirit, past and future, soul and science. True evolution in the experience of Holy Spirit has brought us to the magic of direct revelation with reliability and fun! We are innovating past everything we thought we knew about healing in order to be with transcendence as a lifestyle. Our goal is to make it easy! We believe profound soul work should be accessible and available to all seekers, and does not have to be painful or complicated.

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Individually, Cat and Anita are teachers, speakers, and healers. Their different perspectives provide clients with unique experiences in coaching and counselling, guidance and inner work. Together their singular focus creates an even greater impact by combining ancient wisdom with modern techniques to produce an easy and fun path to enlightened living! Their collaboration produces engaging books, exciting classes live and online, powerfully transformative events, and beautiful and effective Healing Centers around the world!

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