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Finally allow that change!

Why seek Ceremony? 


We all experience so many limitations, blocks, and frustrations
which keep us stuck and prevent us from living our most expansive life.

Our unique and powerful transformation process releases fear and limitation
to liberate you into your most joyful, fun, creative self ever!


If you have this invitation,
congratulations on attracting your next big evolution into your life!

"I accept my prayers are answered right now!"

Ready to say "YES" to your Higher Self?

Are you looking for a big change in the way you feel, act,
live your life, see the world, connect with your story and others'?


Do you want to experience our work near you? Yay! Your wish is granted!


Is our process in alignment for you?

We honor the traditional elements which brought us these Medicines and which support the process. We have also recognized that in the desire to release attachment to suffering, the release of some traditions also became necessary.


Our exciting novel method combines ancient heritage with modern techniques to create for you an innovative experience for healing. This allows us to provide an evolution not always found in strict traditionalism nor in specifically scientific modality.

Our goal is not to pass through each of life's traumas to heal them one by one. Our focus is for you to connect with your own sense of Higher Self, so you can see your whole life from a bigger perspective. This is not just about your past, it is also about your future!

If you desire an anthropologically indigenous experience, this is no longer our work.
If you desire to claim your potential as a true creator in your life, this is what we do now.

The Maestra fully guides the experience so you can rest knowing the Ceremony will lovingly lift you into your next level of awareness.


Why Choose Us

Our mission is not to heal you, 
but to help you find your own Inner Healer,
so you can take what you learn
in this unique moment
forward into the rest of your life. 

It's time to live your life in grace, ease, and fun!

painting of me.jpg


We require of our participants an openness to receive their own unique divine inspiration, a complete dedication to transforming their relationship with Spirit and Higher Self, a constructive attitude, a readiness to fall in love with empowered healed Sacred Innocence, and a desire to learn something new!


The state of Eternal Oneness requires us to release what we think we know about who we are, and for some, this can be very challenging! Know that your process will be intentionally piloted the whole time by the Divine Orchestration of Love.

Sacred Safety

Our concern for your safety and health cannot be understated.
We want to make sure you are fully prepared for this sacred experience.
Please understand our protocol standard, and ask any and all questions!

Core Program

Whether you are joining or hosting,
start with the Core of our Retreats!

All custom programs start here,
and participants are advised
to complete the entire process.


Day 1

Arrival Midday
Settling in, Prep, Sacred Ceremony
Early arrival if Kambo scheduled

Day 2

Integration and Sacred Ceremony

Day 3

Integration! And Midday Departure

Two Weeks After

Follow-up Integration Video Call

This program is a unique opportunity to learn
from the Maestra and Medicine Woman.
On top of the powerful healing available,
they will also teach you shamanic principles
and techniques so you can take
new ideas and practices home with you!

Choose Your Journey



You come to us!

Hosts provide location,
and our travel further than
two hours drive from home.

We can also help you
find the perfect spot!

We come to you!

Hosts provide our travel
and accommodation.

Venue must be suitable.

We will also include
a House Blessing!

Do you want to have us all to yourself? 

Or do you want a special event
for your own private group?

Private Retreats are fully customized,

completely focused on your unique intention,

and can travel to you!

Start with your Core Program:  $3950 USD
Reserve your dates with no-refund deposit $850

Then add your custom touches!


All extras and more are available to Private Retreats!

Two Venue Options

Want to share with your special group?

Let us know! Group rates available!



Ready to take that leap?

Join a Retreat and discover
deep transformation!

Group Retreats are a powerful way

to join in community and benefit from connection!

Are you excited yet?

Start with our Core Program:  $1650 usd
Reserve your spot with no-refund deposit $450

Then add your custom touches!

Some extras are available to Group Retreats!​

Venues and Dates Provided​​​​​

Comfort is Key!

All venues are unique.

We always do our best
to provide a relaxing
and safe environment!

Advise of special needs.

Intimacy is Focus!

We work with
small groups only!

We prefer to ensure
individual attention
for most benefit!

Want to share with friends or family?

Let us know! Group rates available!

Explore Your Extras


Intense Detox for your whole system! 

More info HERE

1.5 hour $260usd

Available for Host and Join

Read More

Past Life Regression

Fascinating Meditation guides you through other lifetimes, and Higher Self!


4 - 6 hours $481

Available for Host only
Schedule separately for Join

Boho Home Decor
Read More

Extra Days

Add services and time!

Prep Days:
Practices and

Integration Days:
Real life guidance!

Maximise the change
in your Self and Life!

Read More

Additional Ceremony

Deepen your
Medicine Journey!

Add full day of
Ceremony Service

$750 usd

Available for Host only
Schedule separately for Join

Read More

Channeled Readings

Cards and candles, or your energetic connection, these readings require only the tools you enjoy!

Get deeply personal
insight and guidance!

1 hour $225usd

Available for Host and Join

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot
Read More

Teachings & Workshops

Subjects include channeling, shamanism, living in Spirit, herbalism, NLP, communication, relationships, accessing multidimensionality,
and so much more!

Available for Host only

Read More

Coaching and

Choose Maestra or Cat,
or mix it up!

For Ceremony and beyond. Create permanent
change in your life!

Single Session: $225usd
Package: Ask us!


20201031_142530 (1).jpg
Read More

Clarity Ceremony

Learn Shamanic practices
for transcending with this
ancient Sacred Medicine!

More info HERE

Available for Host only

Schedule separately for Join

Read More

I’ve never experienced such love and joy as an adult. They even taught me how to access Aya without the medicine. The experience will keep me PRESENT and in a state of bliss. I am Source
and after this weekend I stand never to forget that and the tools these amazing ladies gave us.  
                                                                                                                                 -Marisa P.



Deeply Guided Experience

Clarity through growth is huge!

We know it is rare that Shamans will speak with Ceremony participants, but we have seen what good preparation and integration can do for a Ceremony experience!

Deep Healing?

Feel like you have a lot to work through? Starting that process in counselling makes the Ceremony process easier and more fun! Get the most profound growth you can.

Next Level?

We work with many healers to bring their skills to their next level. Counselling is where we develop techniques we evolve in Ceremony. Elevate your own practice powerfully.


Amplify your Journey

Sessions: 4 total, Maestra or Cat

2 Preparation Sessions before retreat
2 Integration Sessions after retreat

Special: $160usd/hr is $640

Save $260!!


Relish real Change

Sessions: 8 total, Maestra or Cat

5 Preparation Sessions before retreat
3 Integration Sessions after retreat

Special: $120usd/hr is $960

Save $840!!

More packages available too!

Want to EXPLORE Shamanism from a real teacher?

Want to EXPAND in your spiritual practice?

Want to EVOLVE in other areas of your life?

Topics: spiritual guidance, love relationships, family dynamics, trauma release, dreamwork,
energetic blocks, boundaries, shamanic studies, channelling, psychic skills, manifestation,
intuitive readings, life transformation tools, conscious business consulting, and much more!

Next Step

Are you ready for your Sacred Journey?

Once you fill out your form,

you will receive a link to book a call!

Are you excited yet?!


"Honoring the world of form and spirit; surrendering to endless death and rebirth; this is the source of all healing."

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