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The Clarity Ceremony is for seekers.
This experience is about connecting with the Higher Self through Plant Medicines,
in a way which is easy and joyful and accessible!
This powerful Plant Teacher can do so much for the body, mind, emotion, and spirit,
especially when we learn to tap into its energy in a deeper way!
Do you desire an Awakening experience?
Would you like to learn some Shamanic Practices you can enjoy any time?


Event Schedule

Sun 29 May 1p-5p                  CommUnity Center 729    

                Orlando                   Click HERE for Directions!

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Healing should be fun!

Enjoy the experience of Shamanic Tradition
and learn some awesome skills,
right here in your backyard!

The Clarity Ceremony is about having a great time,
while accessing Visionary State
through Shamanic Journey practices. 

"Her heart is big as the sun above and deep as the roots below, her prayers are filled with the strong force of love, and her laugh is contagious! Maestra Anita reminds us how beautiful life can be. 

My life has been blessed by sitting in ceremony, speaking with, and being guided by this divine messenger.

If you're thinking about a session with her, BOOK IT NOW! She is a globally recognized leader, healer, & teacher.
My promise is that you will see why. It may even be the best thing you've ever done."

-Ana Villa, Community Health Administrator

Three-Medicine Adventure!

You can choose none or any or all, whatever feels guided for you at the time:

Santa Maria: Known by many names and written in many ancient texts, cannabis is beloved all around the world for its healing properties and ability to bring spiritual insight. Recent resurgence in scientific study and cultural and legal openness gives us the opportunity to explore ancient and modern benefits together!

Sananga: Amazonian spicy eyedrops help with vision and also Inner Vision and pineal gland activation. If you wish to receive Sananga, you must not wear contacts.

Hape': This sacred tobacco snuff is traditionally administered by South American Shamans to help clear the mind, ground, and even induce visions.
Now you can try it nearer to home! 

Learn a Shamanic method to smoke in prayer and meditation to receive wonderful clarity and insight, and then you just relax and enjoy a beautiful Shamanic Blessing from an amazing Maestra de Ayahuasca!

Reserve your space!

Here you can find our next event dates.
Please reach us to confirm location and availability.

We also offer the Clarity Ceremony as a Private Event!
Send us a message to ask how!

Ceremony costs $360usd and includes a full afternoon:

* Sacred Medicines

* Ceremony Experience

* Shamanic Blessing

* New skills to take home with you!

Ready to have fun unlocking your clarity and wisdom?


"Never in my life have I met a more connected soul. Maestra Anita is a true spiritual healer, her message is an ancient one, her message is Love, Oneness, Joy, Ecstasy. My experiences with her have been the most profound of my life. I remember so many times of pure ecstasy, ecstatic joy and rapturous bliss enveloping me all over. I feel God all around her and just by being in her presence I feel drunk in God’s Joy. I think Anita is the perfect definition of an Angel. An Angel is a messenger of God, I truly feel that she is One with God.
I feel completely changed as a person because of her."

-Tommy Smith, Yogi

Your Guides

Maestra Anita is an incredible Ceremony Leader and a world-renowned elder, healer, and teacher.



Cat Rambo is an experienced Medicine Woman
and teacher of modern mindset and magic!

20201031_142530 (1).jpg

Together they are a powerhouse team
with passion for expansion, evolution,
and sharing Unconditional Love!
You can live a life of infinite possibility! 


Depending upon your event, Kambo may also be offered.

Send us a message to find out if it is right for you!

Ceremony Participants also receive special access and discounts on other services. Some services are available anywhere (remotely), some in-person only, and some only at our Mexico Healing Center. 


Check out this Menu!


Deep Guided Experience

Clarity through growth is huge!

It is rare that Shamans will speak with Ceremony participants, but we have seen what
good preparation and integration can do for a Ceremony experience! 


This is why we offer event participants special rates on coaching and counselling.
Normally our rates are $185usd/hr but for this Ceremony we offer $98usd sessions!


Amplify your Journey

Sessions: 2 total, Maestra or Cat

Preparation Session before event
Integration Session after event

Special: $98usd/hr is $196


Relish real Change

Sessions: 4 total, Maestra or Cat

2 Preparation Sessions before event
2 Integration Sessions after event

Special: $92usd/hr is $368

Want to EXPLORE Shamanism from a real teacher?

Want to EXPAND in your spiritual practice?

Want to EVOLVE in other areas of your life?

Topics: spiritual guidance, love relationships, family dynamics, trauma release, dreamwork,
energetic blocks, boundaries, shamanic studies, channelling, psychic skills, manifestation,
intuitive readings, life transformation tools, conscious business consulting, and much more!


Have a special vision?
Work with us to craft your
ideal experience!


Desire a powerful private program?
Many of our celebrity clients do.
Ask about having us all to yourself!


Want to enrich your friendships?
We have group and couples rates!
Ask about referral program too!

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