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Sacred Safety

Our concern for your safety and health cannot be understated.
We want to ensure you are fully prepared for this sacred experience.




Please be aware that we are taking precautions to protect you and ourselves during this time of Sacred Reflection for our global culture. We are observing CDC guidelines for standards of sanitation and contaminant spread prevention.

Recent negative COVID-19 Tests must be presented upon arrival. Everyone will have their temperature read as well. If you have been feeling unwell or have been recently exposed to potentially contagious individuals, please please reach out to us about it so we can discuss options with you.


Please join us in taking this seriously.
We want you to feel comfortable, excited, and in total alignment with your experience!

Your safety is our first concern!


In our mission to reduce suffering, we have discovered that some traditional protocols are not entirely necessary to enjoy a profound experience.
We will give you options here about how you would like to address this part of your process.

Every practitioner has their own Protocol.
If you do not wish to follow ours, please share this with us immediately!


Dieta is divided into the four sections of living:

Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit

Flower Girl


Traditionally it is asked of Ceremony participants to be fasting for at least three days prior to accepting the Medicine. We would like to offer that this is not entirely necessary. We want you to feel strong and healthy!

Please do adhere to these standards as a minimum,
for at least the week prior to your Ceremony:

  • Be well-hydrated! Please be drinking lots of water!

  • Refrain from sex (including self-love)

  • Refrain from stimulants (caffeine), depressants (alcohol), or any other altering substances

  • Eat light! Lots of fresh veggies and fruits, and minimize salt and sugar

  • Avoid red meat (fish and fowl are okay), dairy, fried foods, spice, fermented and processed foods

  • Discontinue supplements, but at the advice of your shamans and doctors only!!

For your safety, it is absolutely necessary to speak with us about ANY AND ALL medications and supplements,
as soon as possible!!

Ask about food and drug interactions and do NOT decide for yourself to stop taking your prescriptions!!

Many medications and health conditions are contraindicated to GrandMother Medicine, which means this experience may not be right for you at this time:




Stimulants of any kind

Opiates and other sedatives

Any mind- or mood-altering drugs,

   especially those with MAO or SSR inhibitor

Anything working through the serotonergic
or CNS system

and others


Cardiovascular conditions

Serious liver concerns

Respiratory issues

Hernia or other GI distress

Recent surgeries

History of mental disorder

and others

We recommend consulting with a doctor about your intentions and if this Plant Teacher is safe for your health.

If you have questions, you can send us a private message in our "Contact Form" below and we will pass it by appropriate professionals.


This is for your safety
as well as the safety of others,
including your practitioners!!

Spinach Leaves


This powerful experience can help you break through the limitations of societal and familial conditioning and free us into the experience of our Truth. That said, the potential of your experience is fed by your mindset. The best way to meet the Medicine is with an open heart and mind, in a state of surrender to the process.


Fears are normal,
and it is important to observe them,
and also not engage them. 

For a meditation practice to assist with this part of the process, check out this video:

Click for simple but powerful quick exercise!

Your diet includes everything you consume: food and drink as well as energies of others, and any media you absorb. This is the perfect impetus to evaluate why you select music and tv and print choices.

Observe the effects these decisions have on your beliefs and emotional state, and enjoy this opportunity to "clean up your diet" in this category too!

White Sand and Stone
Lake at Dusk


Reflecting on your intentions can help you get the most out of your Ceremony experience.

What do you want to change about your life, and yourself?

What are you ready to let go of, in order to live more fully? 

What do you wish to be more present with, and live through?


Our events are advanced-level work.

Committing to your moment
gets you the most out of it!

Feeling chaotic?

If you are feeling uncertain, uneasy, or seem to be facing many problems, we highly encourage choosing this unique opportunity to receive counselling from your practitioners. Many of our clients find our preparation work is what catapults them into a massively rewarding Ceremony experience and eases the integration period dramatically.

Feeling an up-level?

We often work with healers and teachers to help them expand in themselves and their practices. One-on-one sessions provide a special chance to begin right away with tools which can be explored in a more focused way come Ceremony!


Ready for a big jump?

Because we witness the powerful benefit of personal attention in prep, we are offering our Counselling and Coaching Sessions and Programs for a much-reduced rate for our Ceremony guests. Request info through our form.

If this interests you,
send us a message on our "Contact Us" Form below.
Clarity through growth is huge!

Real freedom
comes from releasing often unconscious beliefs and fears,
so we can re-make our underlying motivations
to support us to live better!
More Authenticity
More Abundance
More Clarity


What could open up for you
if you knew you could do anything?!

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