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Sacred Ceremony is for seekers.
This experience can offer deep healing, insight, inspiration, clarity, and transcendence.
Many turn to this Teacher for spiritual, emotional, lifestyle, and even physical healing.
Do you desire an Awakening experience?



Context counts! Our high-end Healing Center provides you with a luxurious all-inclusive resort-style experience! Loving staff guide your process with compassion and complete non-judgement. Your whole Transformation Vacation is designed to carry you through an opportunity to truly enhance your perspective and life, with joy and ease and fun and beauty! For more about our paradise facility, check out our Collaboration tab above!

Why choose us?

It's not just about our luxury setting! Our practitioners are truly extraordinary. Maestra Anita is not just a Shaman. She is a teacher of Shamans, and has given her entire life to the study and practice of many traditions around the world, becoming a powerful force in each. As an Elder, her mission is not to heal you; her work is to help you find your own Inner Healer, so you can take what you learn in this unique moment forward into the rest of your life. She will show you how to release what no longer serves you, and also how to tune in to that Divine Guidance within you. We want you to live your whole life in grace, ease, and fun!

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Love is not suffering

Our novel process is not just about redefining your relationship with your past, so reshaping what is available to you in your future. It is chiefly about dissolving away your attachment to the illusion of “past” or “future” entirely, and getting really present with your connection to The Infinite. This is why this unique Teaching Ceremony will include tools and techniques to help you live through your personal instance of Higher Truth.

True Liberation

Our process is less about passing through specific traumas of other times, and more about releasing the need to suffer at all, right now. This is a profoundly impactful healing which permeates through all of life. More importantly though, it creates space for realizations about the True Nature of Self. Experiencing this becomes your guide for how to live in alignment with your Higher Self, all the time. This is what creates space for a true Spiritual Awakening.

Why are we different?

Sacred Ceremony experience is highly personal, and the Medicine will show you what you need to see. That said, part of what makes our Maestra's work so incredible is how she guides the entire experience so specifically, so you are lovingly and compassionately carried through a specific type of experience, and can achieve a specific type of outcome. She can see your visions and can help you navigate your process to help you arrive at a truly transformative empowered state. 

"Her heart is big as the sun above and deep as the roots below, her prayers are filled with the strong force of love, and her laugh is contagious! Maestra Anita reminds us how beautiful life can be. 

My life has been blessed by sitting in ceremony, speaking with, and being guided by this divine messenger.

If you're thinking about a session with her, BOOK IT NOW! She is a globally recognized leader, healer, & teacher.
My promise is that you will see why. It may even be the best thing you've ever done."

-Ana Villa, Community Health Administrator

Peace within is peace outside

The purpose of this Advanced Intensive is to help you live a happy liberated life and release yourself from suffering by connecting fully to your real Truth.

Deep Communion with Spirit

Because our groups are so small, every participant will have the opportunity to work with the Maestra one-on-one. Usually it is very rare to receive personal attention from such a Master Healer. The experience can be revolutionary.

Tradition and Evolution

We honor the traditional elements which brought us these Medicines and which support the process. We have also recognized that in the desire to release attachment to suffering, release of some traditions also became necessary. Our exciting novel method combines ancient heritage with modern technique to create for you an innovative experience which opens up a new type of awareness not typically available inside of neither solely strict traditionalism nor only specifically scientific modality. We will employ a wide range of tools which encourage realization of your Eternal Self, and which do not ask for suffering.

Unconditional Love

This special event is a Teaching Ceremony, meaning this is not just an incredible transformative experience but also a truly uncommon opportunity to learn and grow. Your event’s material includes traditional indigenous shamanic practices, meditation, prayer, breathwork, personal healing, subconscious rewiring methods, and active cultivation of personal profound Divine Connection. The Maestra channels many divine energies, all with the intention of sharing true Unconditional Love. Most of us have never experienced this, and it changes everything.


This remarkable Teaching Ceremony is designed to help you learn quickly how to choose Spirit in your self and in your life, so you may remember your Truth at any time. This invites in the opportunity to see real miracles, not just in Ceremony but also in your life hereafter. Choosing the perspective of Spirit is about opening up to the possibilities of infinite unlimited potential! It is all about the joy of Creation!


We require of our participants an openness to receive your own unique divine inspiration, a complete dedication to transforming your relationship with Spirit and Higher Self, a constructive attitude, a readiness to fall in love with empowered healed Sacred Innocence, and a desire to learn something new! The state of Eternal Oneness requires us to release what we think we know about who we are, and for some this can be very challenging! Know that your process with be lovingly piloted the whole time by the Divine Orchestration of Love.

"Never in my life have I met a more connected soul. Maestra Anita is a true spiritual healer, her message is an ancient one, her message is Love, Oneness, Joy, Ecstasy. My experiences with her have been the most profound of my life. I remember so many times of pure ecstasy, ecstatic joy and rapturous bliss enveloping me all over. I feel God all around her and just by being in her presence I feel drunk in God’s Joy. I think Anita is the perfect definition of an Angel. An Angel is a messenger of God, I truly feel that she is One with God.
I feel completely changed as a person because of her."

-Tommy Smith, Yogi

Our Flow

Your transformational program will begin with high-level mysticism teachings and related potent experiences on the nature of reality and identity, and then flow through how to build on that to address profound ways to heal the mind and perceptions of living. Then we will move towards practical tools you will take home with you in order to resurrect the passionate sensation of Sacred Ecstasy at any moment in your life! The goal is to help you realize you can choose to be in a state of Spiritual Bliss and Clarity at any time, even without Medicines, even when “difficult” situations seem to appear. These simple but powerful tools are designed to help you navigate life with grace and ease and joy!


If there is a specific topic you are interested in exploring, our Coaching and Counselling Programs are also offered to our Ceremony participants at deep discount and can be built around a Ceremony to help you explore your points of interest even more deeply. Some topics enjoyed by our clients include learning channelling, expanding psychic skills, leaving the body and other skills related to expanding the vision of Self, shamanism topics, deep identity and beliefs work, manifestation, multidimensionalism, recognizing guidance from Spirit, and so much more! We love to share information, and a Ceremony provides an incredible opportunity to focus on your spiritual work in a deeply profound way! Reach us for more information about Programs.

The Experience

Our work here is profoundly healing yes, but is also predominantly focused on your experiencing the visceral sensation of your God within. The difference between knowledge and real wisdom is experience, and walking in your knowing. Dramatic rapid expansion happens when you can physically experience and see for yourself your True Nature as Infinite Eternal Innocent Love. You have never left the state of perfect Oneness with God. The intimate realization of this forever changes how we self-identify and how we live.

Two Amazing Programs!

Because integration of your experience into your life is so absolutely essential, both programs have time built in for this process. We recommend bringing a journal and no other print materials, to help you stay focused on going within. All programs ask you to forfeit your electronics, so please let your loved ones know you will be enjoying an unplug!


Deep Medicine Experience

8 days for a fully immersive Medicine Adventure!

Day 1:       Orientation, Q&A, enjoying the space
Days 2-4:   3 days of Shamanic Learning and Sacred Ceremony!
Days 5-7:   Integration Vacation! Upgrades, Relaxation, Teachings
Day 8:       Checkout 2p

This program offers a unique opportunity to learn from the Maestra and Medicine Women. They will teach you shamanic principles and techniques so you can take new ideas and practices home with you! Traditionally the Maestra only teaches this to the students in her Shamanic Training program. Very cool!

Transformation Package: 

Master Suite:   $ 3,150 USD
Private Room:  $ 2,950 USD
Double Room:  $ 2,650 USD
Quad Casita:  $ 2,450 USD

All-Inclusive Package:
Master Suite:   $ 3,650 USD
Private Room:  $ 3,450 USD
Double Room:  $ 3,150 USD
Quad Casita:   $ 2,950 USD

Both packages include Ceremony, accommodation, airport transfer, beautiful resort-style facility, delicious healthy vegan meals, yoga, meditation, fireside drum circle, opportunity for Upgrades, and integration support from the Shamans! 

All-Inclusive Package also includes these Upgrades: Kambo (Sapo) Ceremony, Bufo (Otac) Ceremony, 90-Minute Massage, Private Coaching Session with the Shaman, and NLP Anchoring Session!
This is a savings of $210 USD off adding these Upgrades!

If you'd like to stay for extra days before or after your program, just let us know in advance! We'd love to have you!


Profound Healing Opportunity

4 days to completely re-envision your life

Day 1:   Orientation, Q&A, enjoying the space
Day 2:   Teachings and Sacred Ceremony
Day 3:   Teachings and Sacred Ceremony
Day 4:   Integration and Relaxation! Checkout 5p


Checkout is not until 5p so there is plenty of time for Upgrades and private counselling and enjoying the pool!

There will also be a little free time on Ceremony days for Upgrades so you can feel as pampered and supported as possible!
Please schedule in advance.


Transformation Package:

Master Suite:   $ 1,950 USD
Private Room:  $ 1,750 USD
Double Room: $1,550 USD
Quad Casita: $ 1,350 USD

All-Inclusive Package:
Master Suite:   $ 2,150 USD
Private Room:  $ 1,950 USD
Double Room:  $ 1,750 USD
Quad Casita:   $ 1,550 USD

Both packages include Ceremony, accommodation, airport transfer, beautiful resort-style facility, delicious healthy vegan meals, opportunity for Upgrades, and integration support from the Shamans!


All-Inclusive Package also includes these Upgrades: Bufo Ceremony, 90-Minute Massage, and Private Counselling with one of the Shamans!
This is a savings of $105 USD off adding these Upgrades!

If you'd like to stay for extra days before or after your program, just let us know in advance! We'd love to have you!

Are you ready to reset your life?



Have a special vision?
Work with us to craft your
ideal experience!


Desire a powerful private program?
Many of our celebrity clients do.
Ask about having us all to yourself!


Want to enrich your friendships?
We have group and couples rates!
Ask about referral program too!




Our concern for your safety and health cannot be understated. Please understand that we are taking full precautions to protect you and ourselves during this time of Sacred Reflection for our culture. We are observing CDC guidelines for standards of sanitation and contaminant spread prevention.


Negative COVID-19 Tests must be presented upon arrival. You will have your temperature read as well. If you have been feeling unwell or have been recently exposed to potentially contagious individuals, please please reach out to us about it so we can discuss options with you.


Please join us in taking this seriously. We want you to feel comfortable, excited, and in total alignment with your experience!


In our mission to reduce suffering, we have discovered that some traditional protocols are not entirely necessary to enjoy a profound experience. We will give you options here about how you would like to address this part of your experience. Dieta is divided into two main sections: Body and Mind.


Traditionally it is asked of Ceremony participants to be fasting for at least three days prior to accepting the Medicine. We would like to offer that this is not entirely necessary. Please do though for the week prior to your Ceremony adhere to these standards:

* Be well-hydrated! Please be drinking lots of water!

* Refrain from sex (including self-love)

* Refrain from stimulants (caffeine), depressants (alcohol), or any other altering substances

* Eat light! Lots of fresh veggies and fruits, no red meat (fish and fowl is okay), dairy, fried foods, spice, processed foods, and minimal salt and sugar.

* PLEASE speak up before you make your deposit about ANY medications, including natural supplements!!

Please read ALL information and ask about food and drug interactions! Please do not decide for yourself to stop taking your prescriptions!!

For your safety, it is absolutely necessary to speak with us about ANY AND ALL medications and supplements, as soon as possible!!

Many medications and health conditions are contraindicated to GrandMother Medicine, which means this experience may not be right for you at this time:


* Antipsychotics

* Antidepressants

* Stimulants of any kind

* Any mind- or mood-altering drugs,

   especially those with MAO or SSR inhibitor

* Anything working through the serotonergic or CNS system

We recommend consulting with a doctor about your intentions and if this Plant Teacher is safe for your health.

If you have questions, you can send us a private message in our "Contact Form" below and we will pass it by appropriate professionals.

Your safety is our first concern!


This powerful experience can help break through limitations of societal and familial conditioning, and free us into the experience of our Truth. That said, the potential of your experience is fed by your mindset. The best way to meet the Medicine is with an open heart and mind, in a state of surrender to the process. Fears are normal, and it is important to observe them and also not engage them. Once you decide you feel called to this Journey, many "reasons" not to participate may seem to appear. This is your mind afraid to enter into an experience which loosens its grip on your life, the part of your mind which has been making so many of your decisions for you through what often appears as life circumstances. For a meditation practice to assist with this part of the process, check out this video:

Click for simple but powerful quick exercise!

Your diet includes everything you consume: food and drink as well as energies of others, and any media you absorb. This is the perfect impetus to evaluate why you select music and tv and print choices. Observe the effects these decisions have on your beliefs and emotional state, and enjoy this opportunity to "clean up your diet" in this category too!

Reflecting on your intentions can help you get the most out of your Ceremony experience.

* What do you want to change about your life, and yourself?

* What are you ready to let go of, in order to live more fully? 

* What do you wish to be more present with, and live through?

Because our unique events are advanced level work, we are offering our Counselling and Coaching Sessions and Programs for a much-reduced rate. Normally Coaching hours are $185 per hour, but for our Ceremony participants we offer them for only $95 per hour. Especially if you are feeling uncertain, uneasy, chaotic, or seem to be facing many problems, we highly encourage engaging this opportunity. Many of our clients find our preparation work is what catapults them into a massively rewarding Ceremony experience and eases the integration period dramatically. If this interests you, please send us a message on our "Contact Us" Form below. Clarity through growth is huge!

Real freedom comes from releasing often unconscious beliefs and fears, so we can re-make our underlying motivations to help us live with more authenticity, more abundance, and more clarity! What could open up for you if you knew you could do anything?!

To find out if Ceremony is right for you, send us a message through our contact form below!


* Cardiovascular conditions

* Serious liver concerns

* Respiratory issues

* Hernia

* Recent surgeries

* History of mental disorders

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